Taylor Studniski Offers These Tips For Excelling in School

Taylor Studniski

October 8, 2021

Taylor Studniski Offers These Tips For Excelling in School

Check out these learning tips from star pupil Taylor Studniski so you can excel in school!

The summer is nearly over, and school will soon be back in session. Hopefully, students this year can go back to a more normal learning routine, complete with in-person teaching.

No matter what, however, students should work hard to excel in school. Doing so could lead to better grades, which may provide better college and career prospects. Taylor Studniski, who graduated in the top 5 percent of her class, is going to share some tips.

“It’s vital to first understand how important your decisions today are,” Taylor Studniski says. “Whether you decide to study for that big test by not taking a night out, or choosing to fill up that time with activities besides studying, it can have an altering impact on your life.” Developing good habits can pay off throughout life, and securing opportunities now could open doors later.”

Drive and motivation are ultimately vital for excelling in school and elsewhere too. If you’re not motivated, it’s going to be hard to stick to a routine, to study, or to otherwise excel. Even great plans and strategies might fall to the wayside.

That said, motivation alone often isn’t enough. Instead, a conscious approach and the right strategies could yield benefits.

“Routine is very important for learning,” Taylor Studniski says. “That’s something I learned early on in my school career from personal experience. Developing a routine and sticking to it was vital for getting good grades and being prepared.”

One step Ms. Studniski recommends is also studying passion topics and areas on your own time. If you can find fields and industries that you find personally interesting, it makes it easier for you to acquire knowledge and build up skills. Instead of being a chore, studying could become a pleasure.

Taylor Studniski Discusses Why Passion is so Important

If you have trouble focusing on schoolwork, finding subjects and topics of personal interest can help you hone better studying skills. Many people find it easier to read about and study a topic that’s of personal interest. As you build up your critical thinking and reading skills, schoolwork in other areas may become easier.

‘If you look at really successful people, you notice that many of them have a huge passion for the area and field they work in,” Taylor Studniski points out. “If you really love cooking or have always been fascinated say by space exploration, perhaps you can find careers in those fields.”

Biology might not be your thing. But if you enjoy history and spend time reading history books, you may improve your reading and comprehension skills. When it comes time to study for a biology test, you may find it easier to do so.