About Me

Taylor Studniski is a native of Georgia. She's lived many places but out of all the places, Peachtree City was her favorite. She is very focused and oriented on school which didn't change when she moved to Texas in 2015. School wasn't always easy,but she went the distance to receive high marks. Taylor graduated high school at the top 5% of my class with several college credits under her belt along with many awards. Today, she is working two jobs trying to save money so that one day she can invest it into something that interests her. In the future,she might want to invest in commercial real estate. Ms. Studniski thinks it would be a great business to get into for the right location. Another huge part of her dedicated life is attending the gym. She goes 4-6 times a week which has not only given her an outlet to release extra energy, but it has given her something to look forward to as well.


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