Taylor Studniski Offers Suggestions For Picking the Right College

Taylor Studniski

October 8, 2021

Taylor Studniski Offers Suggestions For Picking the Right College

Picking the right college is a hard choice and will also have a huge impact on your life. Taylor Studniski offers tips for students looking to find the right higher educational opportunity.

Your choice of college or university may have a large impact on your life and career. Some universities will open more doors than others. Further, as a student, you may thrive at one university but struggle at another. That’s why Taylor Studniski provides suggestions for selecting the right college.


“Before selecting a college, it’s wise to reflect on yourself,” Taylor Studniski says. “This includes understanding your GPA, standardized test scores, interests, and the social environment that will encourage you to thrive.”


Picking a college degree can be quite hard. If you’re not sure what you want to specifically major in, however, you can instead focus on your interests and the general type of jobs or industries you’d like to learn in.


For example, if you’re interested in applied science, you may want to focus on schools that offer programs in engineering. Even if you can’t decide between aviation engineering, electrical engineering, or something outside of engineering altogether, going to a school that excels in your areas of interest is often a wise idea.


“Selecting a degree is a big choice,” Taylor Studniski notes. “Ultimately, finding a degree and career that sparks your interests or plays to your strengths may lead to a more productive, enjoyable career. If you don’t have a major in mind, focusing on areas of interest may help.”


Wondering how you can evaluate if a specific program or department is a good fit? You can start by looking at the classes offered and the topic matter. Class lists and curriculum will provide you with a general feel for a given program.


It’s also smart to look at current research. Actions often speak louder than words. So, if a university is pursuing research that you find interesting, it may be a better fit. You might also find campus job opportunities.


Another great idea is to look through individual staff profiles. You can see what articles professors have produced. This will give you a good grasp of their interests. And if you read through some articles, you may also learn a lot about their views on academic subjects.


Taylor Studniski Talks About Social Environment

The social environment can also have a major impact, and not just on your personal enjoyment. If you find yourself in a social environment that’s not a good fit, you may suffer anxiety and struggle to cultivate relationships. This could ultimately impact your grades and academic performance.


Often, you can find reviews and insights from fellow students who are or were studying at a specific university. You can check a variety of forums and websites, such as Reddit or Niche.com to see what students think about the environment at a specific university.


“You can’t take that for granted, and finding the right social environment may improve your educational experience,” Taylor Studniski says.